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MINOR MEDIA — State Your Name

Distreeto, the winners of YOUnited Nations #3 are out in LA this week skating the new Berrics all the way from Mexico City. You’re gonna see them soon enough. But does anyone remember these guys? Minor Media? They won YOUnited Nations #1. Yeah? You remember? Good. Cuz I certainly do and it’s because they weren’t a bunch of pansies who quit skating a few years later, they kept it moving. Erick Valentic, Minor Media filmmer/editor, just finished a full length video called STATE YOUR NAME, which you’re gonna wanna re-title STATE YOUR MUTHA FUCKIN’ NAME MUTHA FUCKA, or MY MUTHA FUCKIN NAME IS JOHN MUTHA FUCKIN COSENTINO MUTHUA FUCKA, or something like that, after you watch just one of the full-parts we’re going to show you to help hype up their video to all you homies who have homies you film with and dream about making that homie video that ends up being more than a homie video, that ends up being a STATE YO MUTHA FUCKIN’ NAME MUTHA FUCKA video. Please enjoy and support the future. – sb

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