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Monster takes a look inside Elliot Sloan’s home studio in ‘Sound Check’

Megaramp stud Elliot Sloan just might have the coolest house in all of California. The compound houses a plethora of skate ramps, including his own vert ramp, and one of the few personal mega ramps in existence (that was even home to the last X-Games). While the skate heaven side of his residence is a well-known fact, Monster Energy takes us into a little known area of Sloan’s household that is very special to him for Monster’s ‘Sound Check.’ After taking a look at one of the most impressive board collections we’ve ever seen, Elliot shows us where he spends most of his time off the board, his home recording studio. Sloan states that he’s been playing guitar for longer than he’s been skateboarding, and finds balance between both of his passions. As a well known shredder on the board, it’s refreshing to see him shred on the neckboard as well. He’s just grateful he doesn’t had to pad up to pull off a couple guitar licks.

Watch Sloan’s Sound Check, above, and watch in amazement as he does his damn thing for us in his #Dreamtrick video, below:

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