Monster Energy Profiles Team USA’s Nyjah Huston In ‘Aspire-Inspire’

Team USA’s odds-on street favorite Nyjah Huston will make his Olympic debut this month, and he’s ready. In the latest episode of ‘Aspire-Inspire’, Monster Energy provides a little background into this prodigy’s illustrious career—from pint-size phenom to record-shattering trailblazer—leaving no doubt as to his capacity for fucking shit up in Tokyo. While we’re excited to see how the Disorder Skateboards founder will shake up the Games, we also know that skateboarding will always come first and foremost for Huston. He reassures us that the Olympics is just another step in skating’s widespread acceptance; the engine that drives all of us will always be to have fun:

“I’m still going to be out there skating, having a good time, and trying to influence other people to do the same.”

We’ve worked with Huston ever since he was just a little ‘Jah. Check out some of our extensive projects with him, over the years, below:

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