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Most Expensive Pop…Corn — Nyjah & 2 Chainz

GQ invited Nyjah and 2 Chainz to taste test the most expensive popcorn in the world. What makes it so expensive? Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn is coated with 23-karat edible gold flakes and the most expensive Danish salt in the world. 

The price of the gold is $125-$150 a gram and after being coated with the Danish salt, a kernel is priced at $5. 2 Chainz was definitely having a great time and so was Matt Bercovitz, CEO and Founder of Berco’s Popcorn. The host seemed to never take his eyes off the rapper. Matt must not be into skating, but either way, thanks for the laughs. 

You can catch more of Most Expensive Shit with GQ on their YouTube.

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