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Motion Clubhouse and DC Shoes Presents ‘We are the City’ Starring Leo Valls

Motion Clubhouse, the production house founded by award-winning creators Martin Fobes and Chris Ray, partner with brands and agencies to bring their vision and stories to the world and today they premiered their latest video with DC Shoes starring Leo Valls, “We Are The City.” Leo takes us on a trip through major cities to explore the cultural impact skateboarding has on society, the use of skatestoppers by cities trying to deter skating, the life that skateboarding brings to public spaces, creating cities that are more animated and sharable, and the shift of acceptance of skating and it’s culture around the world. After all, “We’re not just skateboarders. We are the city.”

Directors: Martin Fobes & Chris Ray
Executive Producers: Michael Minter & DC Shoes
Producer: Clayton Gabor
Editing & Color: Martin Fobes
Music: Salvador Oyarzabal

Watch the full short film above, and check out some of our previous projects with Chris Ray and the DC Team, below!

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