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Motion Clubhouse Presents Pen Pals Episode 3 with Mike Mo and Sean Malto

Motion Clubhouse premieres the third episode of Pen Pals featuring Sean Malto and Mike Mo. The production house, founded by award-winning creators Martin Fobes and Chris Ray, partner with brands and agencies to bring their vision and stories to the world. The latest episode of ‘Pen Pals’, featuring artwork from the highly talented Jack Hyde Animations is a wonderful remix of Mike Mo footage thrown in with a handful of bangers from Sean Malto’s Transworld’And Now’ part.

Jack Hyde, an animator who has carved a niche by cleverly retooling skate footage and reframing it by using stop-motion and digital loops. Hyde is well-versed in animating in many forms—including rotoscope, 2D, 3D—but his stop-motion work seems to be somehow tailor-made for the unreal quality of skateboarding.

Check out the full edit above, and make sure you give Motion Clubhouse and Jack Hyde Animations a follow on Instagram for more!

Check out the past two episodes of ‘Pen Pals’, below!

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