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MOUNTAIN DEW’S SUPERSNAKE — 2-Minute Full Action Teaser

Mountain Dew recently finished building a visionary hybrid skate/snow park in Lake Tahoe and they’ve treated us with two minutes of powdery goodness. This course is a wild combination of 24 skate and snow obstacles peppered along the route of a 1,075-foot-snake run. And it’s literally in the snow. Dubbed the “SuperSnake,” it took 20,000 tons of snow and fourteen days to create—talk about a “flurry” of activity!

The project was conceived as an opportunity to highlight Mountain Dew’s impressive roster of skate and snow riders. Some of the sickest dudes ride for Dew, and most of them braved the trip, thousands of feet above sea level, in order to skate alongside Dew’s snow team. The result was a day of doubles that incorporated the best of both worlds. 

Professional snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Scotty Lago join Chris "Cookie" Colbourn, Trevor Colden, Jordan Maxham, Nick Tucker, Micky Papa, and Sean Malto on the epic, mile-high playground built at Sierra-At-Tahoe. (The participants interviewed couldn’t resist a good pun. Malto says, “The ‘coolest’ part was skating a snake run on top of snow and having the insane views of the mountains.”)

The 22-minute video will be airing on ABC on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT. You can also catch the digital encore via the Mountain Dew Youtube channel on October 17.

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