Mtn Dew’s Team Work Together In Creative & Impressive ‘Modern Lines’ Project

MTN DEW‘s latest short film, “Modern Lines,” is a showcase of an innovative new skateboard course that combines transition and street skating that was the vision of pro team rider Curren Caples (and designed and built by CA Ramp Works). The video aired yesterday on ABC, but you can watch the encore presentation above.

MTN DEW’s riders, which include Curren Caples, Sean Malto, Mariah Duran, Theotis Beasley, and Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, skate with some of their personal favorites—Mason Silva, Jake Anderson, and Jenn Soto—bringing the newly designed course to life and demonstrating their broad spectrum of skills. With flowing neon green lines and unique glowing features, the course was built for fun and fast skating, and housed within a 74,000 square foot vacant industrial building in Southern California.  (If you’re keeping track, that’s like 2 Berricses!)

MTN DEW has been a part of The Berrics experience, off and on, for many years. The brand’s involvement helped bring a lot of rad content to life (our epic New York Week in 2014 springs to mind). Check out some of the content that wouldn’t have been possible without DEW, below:

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