MTN DEW Unlock The Spot With Theotis Beasley In El Segundo

MTN DEW‘s Unlock The Spot wrapped up its El Segundo stop last week, with Dew pro Theotis Beasley wrecking Recreation Park’s famous double-set. In the brand’s latest highlights video, above, Beasley explains the history of what this spot means to him and how incredible it is to allow the community to skate the double set without the anxiety of getting kicked out. This was a fun, free event. Stay tuned for our recap!

MTN DEW has been a part of The Berrics experience, off and on, for many years. The brand’s involvement helped bring a lot of rad content to life (our epic New York Week in 2014 springs to mind). Check out some of the content that wouldn’t have been possible without DEW, and a heavy dose of Beasley, below:

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