THE ORIGIN OF THE CROOKED GRIND — Muckmouth Interviews Dan Peterka

THE ORIGIN OF THE CROOKED GRIND -- Muckmouth Interviews Dan Peterka

The early ‘90s were like the Wild West of trick invention. Things were being created on a daily basis. And there was no internet to keep tabs on who did what first. One staple of skateboarding to emerge from that era is the crooked grind. Before it came to be known by its current name, it was widely referred to as the pointer grind or the k-grind. The former was a reference to Dan Peterka. It was a shortened version of the Peterka pointer grind. The latter was a reference to Eric Koston—which should be self explanatory. Both did the trick in their parts in H-Street’s Next Generation [1992] video—which sparked a 35-year debate among skate nerds worldwide on who actually invented the trick. Muckmouth recently sat down with Peterka for an interview in which he sets the record straight.

“Actually, I was trying to cross over a double-sided curb or ledge via a nosegrind. And the only way that it was possible was through that method. Like a noseslide / noseblunt crossover. Me and Eric lived at the H-Street house during that same time period and we often skated together. He was there when it was birthed, and has claims to it as well.”

For more on Dan Peterka and his relevance in skateboarding, head over to Muckmouth and read the full interview. If you’re completely unfamiliar, check out his groundbreaking part in Next Generation below.

Dan Peterka – Next Generation

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