Multiplayer Free Skate Mode Now Available For ‘Skater XL’

Easy Day Studios’ Skater XL has announced that Multiplayer Free Skate is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC allowing you to link up and skate with your friends in groups of up to 10 players. The mode lets you either join a random public lobby or start your own and invite your friends playing on the same platform (cross-platform coming soon). This update comes off the back of months of optimization work which means big framerate improvements on console.

Skater XL also been granted access to extra storage space for Mod Browser downloads on consoles with an extra 3GB now available for gear storage on PlayStation and extra 6GB for gear and map storage on Xbox. So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Skater XL update and explore the world with your friends today!

For more information visit the Skater XL site!

Check out our recent Skater XL projects with SF pro (and novelist) Walker Ryan, below…

…and he slips into one of those sexy motion capture suits, below:

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