‘Municipal Waste” Goes From Trashy To Classy In Philadelphia

The Village Psychic blog premiered Municipal Skateboards’ latest edit last weekend, and we have to say: this video is trash. The Philadelphia brand got their hands dirty in one of the city’s many garbage-strewn alleys, creating some of the best hepatitis DIY spots we’ve seen in a while. (According to Yelp, there’s a free clinic a couple of blocks away so they should be good.) Jawn alley, indeed.

“Municipal Waste” features Dylan Pearce, Matt Militano, Sean Spellissy, Toly Bitny, Zack Peacock, Ricky Geiger, Chuck Werbany, Pedro Purcell, and Todd MacGlaughlin. The video was filmed and edited by Carson Reuther.

Check out some of our classic work in Philadelphia, with Ishod Wair and Kerry Getz, below:

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