Murdy Is Pro For Shake Junt


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My Son turned Pro for @shakejunt ‼️ You can get @murdythedawg signature product at your local skate shop or ????

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Shake Junt‘s Murdy has been given the pro nod after years of putting in work. The timing is perfect: Murdy had been feeling like the brand he rides for had him on a short leash for a while. Plus, Beagle is barking orders at him all day every day and keeping him away from all those tasty chicken bones (nowison)—but you can’t bite the hand that feeds you so you just keep wagging your tail at these bitches… By the way, Murdy’s a dog.

To celebrate this famous pup’s promotion, Shake Junt has released some signature product: decks, grip, and a leash. Shop the collection here!

Murdy has worked with The Berrics since 2015’s Redirect series, when he was the focus of Beagle’s RED project. Needless to say, Murdy was a very good boy and kept filming with us through the years. Check out a few of his Berrics videos below:

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