Must Watch: Orchard Skateshop’s ‘The Trail’

Boston’s Orchard skateshop dropped a banger a few days ago called ‘The Trail’ and it’s a must-watch. Everything from the skating to the sound design is fantastic, and the video definitely has one of the most intriguing intros of the year. The shop calls it “a short film about granite, brick, and mortar,” but we just call it dope as fuck. (Unlike Boston’s street grid, ‘The Trail’ actually makes a lot of sense.) Watch the video above and thank Kevin “Leeroy” Madden for pulling it all together!

‘The Trail’ was shot in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, between 2020 and 2002, and features Orchard team riders Myles Underwood, Sean Evans, Brian Reid, Ben Tenner, Brianna Delaney, Eddie Vargas, Jojo Vargas, Zak Papastoris, and Connor Noll.

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