Must Watch: ‘Please Excuse My Dope Ass Skateboard’ PEMDAS

“Please excuse my dope ass skateboard.” How many many times have you wanted to say that? Well, Nick Lajoie and Kyle Sawicki‘s new video offers this as the mantra of 2021, along with 21 minutes of dope-ass clips featuring New England rippers who need no excuse. Watch the video—Lajoie filmed and edited the first half, and Sawicki took the reins on the second half—above, with Troy Mavrogeorge, Ethan Bisson, Nick Lajoie, Kyle Sawicki, Crince Buchanan, Mikey Sheehan, Chaz Munroe, Josh Littlefields, Joey Tworkowski, and Cullen Cunningham, skating New Hampshire and the greater Boston area. Dope.

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