NA-KEL SMITH — GQ Interview

NA-KEL SMITH -- GQ Interview

You’re very familiar with Na-Kel Smith’s skating. And you’ve probably heard his music. But are you ready for Na-Kel Smith the actor? That’s going down this year in what’s looking to be a very major way. Apparently, he’s delivered a breakout performance in Jonah Hill’s upcoming Mid ’90s film. And, according to this new interview with GQ, Nak is already auditioning for more roles. He breaks down what acting in his first feature film was like in the below excerpt.

You just get to release. Like the only time you do shit that’s weird or uncomfortable is when you don’t fully release. You know, once I went to the audition, got the part, started filming… I mean I definitely had to warm up to it, but I couldn’t be scared because I’d be wasting more than just my time and effort. I would be wasting a lot of other people’s money and time. So I was just like, “Well shit, we here now, fuck it.” My whole thing was, “Fuck it, I’m not going to be able to skate for six weeks. Let me get as much footage as I can.”

Hopefully Nak doesn’t forget about us when he blows up in Hollywood. There’s no official release date for Mid ’90s yet. But judging from Jonah Hill’s Instagram, it’s going to be something special.

Gonna get to know this crew very soon. These are my favorite actors (and co-producer) #mid90s. – Jonah Hill


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