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Na-Kel Smith has firmly established himself as one of the fastest growing multi-hyphenate names in skateboarding. In addition to riding for powerhouse brands like adidas, Supreme, Fucking Awesome, and Spitfire, he also owns his own brand, Hardies Hardware, with Tyshawn Jones; he raps; he paints; he models. Smith’s most ambitious pivot will come next month when he makes his acting debut in Jonah Hill’s coming-of-age film, Mid90s.

Hypebeast spent some quality time with Smith for the latest edition of HYPEBEAST DIARIES. He shared some insight about what drives him, revealing an openness and willingness to lay all his cards out on the table. “The fact that I do so much other shit, I feel like I got to prove it,” Na-Kel said. “Not to anyone else but to myself.”

The above video was shot last month. Watch it to gain some perspective about what it takes to be a truly driven individual—in skateboarding and beyond.

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