Nassim Guammaz Opens Up About His Decision To Leave Vans


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Nassim Guammaz recently made the decision to end ten years of Vans sponsorship. For many skaters, Guammaz is synonymous with Vans and this is probably why he decided to express his reasons for the split this morning (via Instagram):

“As you all may know by now i have decided to part ways with Vans after almost 10 years of partnership. it was not an easy decision for me; personally and professionally because i have always put loyalty to my sponsors my #1 priority. After a couple years of contemplating and hesitating i had to cut the knot to truly move on and grow onto new things in my life/career to keep progressing unto my full potential.

“From the bottom of my heart i wanna thank all the people at Vans for all the years of good times and support; touring around the world and doing what we love to do best; which is Skateboarding. i wanna thank the whole Vans Europe team for the love they have showed me throughout the years and the times we have shared will not be forgotten. Here is a clip from a video we did that came out last year where me and my friend Doobie shared last part in. so much great and crazy memories from the last couple years the experience will always be remembered! the whole video came out awesome and Paul Labadie did a great job. i will post the full part on my ig-tv! much love and light, N~G.”

We’ve been lucky enough to work closely with the Bombaklat over the years. Check out some of his projects with The Berrics, below:

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