Nasty Neckface Interviewed On The Nine Club

On the latest episode of The Nine Club, Nasty Neckface® discusses growing up in Stockton, California; how he got into graffiti; how he came up with the name Nasty Neckface®; moving to New York; his first art show at eighteen; Mark Gonzales asking him to do a board graphic for him; turning down $70,000 when he was broke; going to jail for the first time; when and why he decided to show his identity; lighting Spanky on fire; collaborations with companies; getting his driver’s license at 35; doing graphics for Baker Skateboards; filming for Baker 4; and working on his Halloween event Necktober Fest. This is the full Nasty Neckface® origin story (This episode is two hours and forty-two minutes long.)

We spent some time on the road with Nasty Neckface® in 2015, and it turns out… he’s not really that nasty. But, just watch our four-part Baker Travelogue, and a couple of Spanky’s post-burn Bangins, below and decide for yourself:

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