Nestor Judkins Shares Stories From His Recent Trip To Cuba

Enjoi‘s Nestor Judkins is the adventurous sort, and his penchant for experiencing different cultures has taken him all over the world. Recently, he traveled to Cuba to check out the work that Cuba Skate is doing; Judkins shares his stories from that trip in ‘Wish You Were Here,’ a series of collaboration videos with Salad Days Of Skateboarding (a registered nonprofit that Judkins founded shortly after his tour of Bangalore, India in 2019). Check out the episode, above, featuring some heartwarming footage of Judkins skating with the locals and letting them use his board—if you listen closely you can hear the local kids saying, “Damn, these trucks are loose AF.”

Enjoi filmed one of our first United Nations edits at The Berrics back in 2008. Watch that edit, along with a handful of other projects with the brand, below:

…with guest skater Chris Haslam:

…and on the road for Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2015:

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