Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman Drops Some Science On ‘The Nine Club’

‘The Nine Club’ goes back to school for episode #199, inviting neuroscientist Andrew Huberman on the show for a mega-long (3 hours and 28 minutes?!) episode. Huberman drops science on the crew, debunking muscle myths and explaining what your brain is actually doing when you learn a trick. You’ll find out why we sometimes “black out” in the middle of a trick; why muscle memory is… yeah, that’s not a thing; why sleep and breathing are extremely important (to be fair, Slap magazine revealed these nuggets decades ago, too); how to reduce fear and stress, and how to go about raising your stress threshold; how dopamine in the brain works; what déjà vu actually is; protecting your body, and how to keep skating longer. Check out the episode above, and please remember to be nice to your brain—it’s your most valuable asset.

By the way, next week The Nine Club is airing its 200th episode. Rumor has it that there will be a very surprising guest.

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