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Last night, February 20th, Jacob Messex premiered another highly anticipated photo show and book release, FILMUS 3, at KINGSWELL in Los Angeles, CA. The skate community celebrated the 20 year old photographers blossoming career, as Jacob’s love for capturing skateboarding and youth culture was on full display in every print and page of his newly released zine FILMUS by Jacob Messex. FILMUS 3 is the third release of the FILMUS zine series, each zine revered by Jacob’s peers, including professional skateboarders and prominent Los Angeles locals. The KINGSWELL photo show showcased an array of posters and prints featuring Jacob’s creative eye for capturing motion and those aesthetic moments in skating that have made skating a potent artform since its conception. Whether a fraternal moment between skate buddies, a Brad Cromer portrait, or capturing night moves on the streets of LA, the photography on display gave viewers a beautiful glimpse of the Los Angeles skateboarding scene through the eyes of a young Los Angeles native Jacob Messex. In conjunction with HUF, Quiet Life, Quasi, KINGSLWELL and CCS, the FILMUS 3 book release and photo show was a major success. Trevor Colden and Jordan Maxham were just some of the skateboarders who made it out to show their support for Messex, not just as friends but as fans of Jacob’s potent photography. The Berrics congratulates Jacob Messex on his continued presence and impact on skateboarding culture, looking forward to his future contributions with The Skateboard Mag and editions of the FILMUS zine.

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