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AMFD – BIEBEL’S PARK — Next New Wave

The Next New Wave of skateboarding is comprised of many parts, from the streets to the skateparks everyone who’s willing to roll with the punches has a chance to be a part of the future of skateboarding. The thing is, we might not always know what we’re doing, but that’s alright. As long as we’re calling up our friends and meeting up to skate, film projects and ultimately continue to do what we love, we’re headed in the right direction. Because skateboarding involves motivation, and while it’s true we should always look to ourselves for our drive to skate, we all know how skating with our friends pushes us as skateboarders, artists and people. There’s no posse better suited to represent this dynamic of The Next New Wave than Brandon Biebel and the AMFD crew. AMFD to most of us stands for All-Motha-Fucking-Day, but the acronym means something different for Brandon Biebel: Ambition, Motivation, Focus and Determination. AMFD in a lot of ways takes us back to the days of the original Berrics, so we’re hyped to get an invite to the sesh at the notorious Biebel Park to show you how these dudes kill it All-Motha-Fucking-Day, and why they are such a force in The Next New Wave.

AMFD - BIEBEL'S PARK -- Next New Wave

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