Trajectory Next New Wave


In this day in age skateboarding is full of skaters and hopeful brands crying wolf. Now more than ever people cling to opinions and to identities they think make up the fabric of skateboarding culture; but these cries of pride are guaranteed not to last, especially when brands like Chicago’s BLUETOWN stay true to a work ethic and culture built from real people supporting their skate communities. That’s not to say skate brands of the past didn’t work hard or support their skate scenes, we wouldn’t be here today if that was the case. Rather, it’s to say in the entering of The Next New Wave of skateboarding brands with a pureness of vision are vital in supporting and sustaining the aspects of skateboarding that have gravitated us to ride a board since its birth. Not just from making good product, not just from sponsoring great skateboarders, but believing in skateboarding no matter what life throws your way. You don’t have to give up on skateboarding just because life requires you to get a nine-to-five, or because you start a family or find another passion to support yourself. Nothing great in skateboarding is possible if you don’t have the will to do it on your own, and it’s from a true love for skateboarding BLUETOWN and founder Jesse Neuhaus built their community. We could have just written brand but BLUETOWN is so much more than that. Born in 1996, BLUETOWN set out to create a company defined by its dedication to skateboarding, and that’s what makes them an essential part of The Next New Wave.

Support the BLUETOWN community with product now exclusively available in The Canteen.


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