Trajectory Next New Wave


If anyone knows about taking chances, it’s skateboarders. That being said, whether skating a contest or nailing your clip when you’re gifted one last try, skateboarders have to know when to seize opportunity. The Next New Wave is built by people willing to take chances and not only seize opportunity, but create it. Because the reality is, if you want to evolve a new brand sometimes you need to look at those around you and say: “Hey, let’s do this… Let’s activate this thing and make one of the best core footwear brands in the game.” Diamond Footwear* saw an opportunity to do exactly that with a talented group of individuals who not only love skateboarding, but want to be involved in a brand from the ground up.  It can be a risk, even with an established culture like Diamond, but like charging that obese security guard trying to get in your way–you can’t let anything stop you. The Next New Wave in many ways is heading into the future with uncertainty, but it doesn’t mean we can’t shape the Trajectory we’re going towards. Diamond Footwear is made by skateboarders, ran by skateboarders, and designed by skateboarders inspired to create from their sense of family new ideas, new products and a new brand willing to go through the process to arrive at something great. The Next New Wave is a process and thanks to Diamond Footwear and their vision, we’re guaranteed to arrive at something built by skateboarding.


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