Trajectory Next New Wave


Everyone playing a role in The Next New Wave has a story, whether it’s a brand, a skateboarder or both, because The Next New Wave isn’t made in a factory or in a boardroom of executives, but from the lives of real people like Alphonzo Rawls and his brand Everybody Skates. Everybody Skates started as one skateboarder’s creative expression but took off on social media through a natural process of feeding a demand of positive feedback. The new brand was fueled by an organic progression unforced and propelled from the love of creating something people enjoy. In many ways, that’s exactly how the skate industry was born, and although skateboarding might have lost sight of that, it’s companies like Everybody Skates that keeps that spirit alive. There’s a saying written across several products for Everybody Skates: Fight The Good Fight. That’s exactly what Alphonzo Rawls is doing, and that’s exactly why his story is a crucial part of The Next New Wave.

The latest Everybody Skates product is now available in The Canteen.

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