Trajectory Next New Wave

NEXT NEW WAVE TRAJECTORY — Metro Skateboarding

We have to admit it whether we like to or not, social media plays a significant role in skateboarding. That being the reality of our 2016 industry, it doesn’t mean it has to be damaging to skating. Metro Skateboarding has given skateboarders a new avenue to become globally recognized, representing the innovation required to accompany The Next New Wave of skateboarding. But how did it all begin? Especially with a number of copycats on the user generated app attempting to mimic what Metro Skateboarding has already done. It certainly helps when you have Gary Rogers in your corner and creator Joel Jutagir isn’t afraid of asking: “What else can we do?” In The Next New Wave you can’t be afraid to move forward. So, let’s take a look at what made #Metrogrammed so impactful, because this is how you solidify yourself as a vital part of The Next New Wave: by taking something you can fit in the palm of your hand, and turn it into something huge.

 NEXT NEW WAVE TRAJECTORY -- Metro Skateboarding

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