Trajectory Next New Wave


In the past half-decade skateboarding has undergone an immense transformation, ushering us into what will become the future of skateboarding. The Next New Wave will be fueled by those individuals willing to go toe-to-toe with the changing landscape. It won’t be easy, nothing of this magnitude ever is, especially when we’re talking about an industry like skateboarding that lies in the delicate balance between the real world and the world-wide web. What becomes of us is entirely in the hands of the future generation and those of us able to adapt for the ride. Luckily for skateboarding, Andy Mueller and The Quiet Life are a blossoming addition to the Next New Wave, representing to the skate world the truth of a brand that strives to put an unshakable passion into their design, while connecting artists and skaters from around the globe to a humble yet impactful brand that on every level continues to nurture skateboarding to a positive future. Speaking volumes, The Quiet Life lays forth a Trajectory worth following.

The Quiet Life product is now available in The Canteen.

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