Trajectory Next New Wave


With all the madness going on in today’s world, skateboarding may be the only positive force left to make our lives one of happiness… And it’s up to all of us to keep it that way. Skateboarding might not be plagued with corruption or loss of media integrity, but there certainly are forces deterring the balance of our industry. While much like how skating pushes back against the complacent norms of society, SOVRN and The Next New Wave tip the scales of our industry back to a more positive, more artistic, more skateboarder oriented future. But how? It might sound simple but collective relationships are what drives change, and that’s good news. SOVRN at one point decided to create and go against the boundaries of our industry, from their riders to each artist progressing SOVRN into a self-evolving, self-designing pattern of expansion with boundless potential. Skateboarding revolutionizes our world, and in the coming days and the weeks that turn into months, The Next New Wave will come into effect and once again skateboarding will grow and things will change. As skateboarders there is no clear path laid before us, it’s going to be up to brands like SOVRN to take every fact and every detail into consideration so the change is for the better. SOVRN revitalizes the artistic nature of skateboarding, building a team of skateboarders dedicated to not only pushing themselves, but pushing skateboarding in every direction. The reality is as we push skating through The Next New Wave the variables are incalculable, but as long as SOVRN leads the way, we’re guaranteed to evolve ourselves into a more positive world.


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