NHS Announces WBATB Host Alex White As Women’s & Non-Binary Rider Relations Manager

NHS Announces WBATB Host Alex White As Women's & Non-Binary Rider Relations Manager

Alex White, with Vanessa Torres (right).

Alex White, our cohost for last year’s inaugural Women’s Battle At The Berrics Finals Night last year, was recently announced by NHS distribution (home of Creature, Krux, Santa Cruz, Bronson, and more) as the first-ever Women’s and Non-Binary Rider Relations Manager. Though the title is a mouthful, the goal is simple: To create awareness and address the needs of this growing demographic in skateboarding, with specific duties including consulting, talent scouting, and women’s/non-binary trip planning and marketing.

Join us in congratulating White—who played a big role in keeping the vibes high for WBATB—and get caught up on our Finals Night videos below!

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