In the latest The Nine Club, the insanely ripped Nick Dompierre talks with Chris Roberts and co. about growing up in New Bedford, Massachusetts; skating for 5boro; getting on Real Skateboards; his pro Adio shoe; getting caught up with alcohol and drugs; breaking his neck in a freak accident; being in a coma for two weeks; getting into weight training; his YouTube channel; modeling…

…and more.

If you’re wondering, “How much more?” Well, read this tidbit about one ketamine-fueled night of blackout debauchery, which ended with Dompierre handcuffed in an ambulance:

“They said I was screaming, yelling—I guess I was praying. The cops came and tried to calm me down and chill me out… I was too aggressive or whatever; they ended up tazing me. And I guess I was ripping the tazers out of me—they tazed me like 6 times—and the cops were trying to get me down and I was wrestling them… the ketamine gave me superhuman strength or something.”

Speaking of superhuman strength, watch this gnarly Dompierre clip. This is the man who ollies up the 7-stair every time he visits The Berrics. Never skip leg day.

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