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Nigel Alexander of NKA Vids Interviewed on The Nine Club

With almost half a million subscribers, Nigel Alexander spends the majority of his days filming skateboarding for his NKA Vids YouTube Channel. With so much history under his belt, Nigel sits down with The Nine Club to set the record straight. Hear how Nigel got his first job and sponsor by 118 Boardshop, meeting a young Paul Rodriguez, getting his first camera, making the Forecast video, starting, the Proof video, making the push towards YouTube, his first check from YouTube, finding skaters for his youtube videos, Nigels upload schedule and misconceptions about YouTube, working for Powell Peralta, filming with Andy Anderson, dealing with YouTube comments and much more!

Sit down for the two hour insight into the mind of NKA Vids to learn more about Nigel, above!

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