Watch Nike SB’s Australian ‘The Shane’ Launch Recap Here

For the release of his first Nike SB signature shoe, The Shane, Shane O’Neill went to Melbourne, Australia, with his teammates to celebrate! Yuto Horigome, Casper Brooker, and more, were in the posse and ready to skate a custom-made replica of the 7th Street bank-to-bench that was the centerpiece of a best-trick contest. Later, O’Neill premiered his new part, ‘The Extra Bit.’ Check out the recap, filmed and edited by Jon Fitzgerald and Geoff Campbell, above.

Shop O’Neill’s signature The Shane shoe in The Canteen!

Check out some of O’Neill’s work with The Berrics, including his Battle Commander, his Skate Mental part, a Run & Gun, a 2UP (the list goes on!), below:

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