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Nike SB’s Ishod Wair Pro Shoe Is Available Now In The Canteen

If you want to make Ishod Wair laugh, tell him your plans. Everyone’s favorite skater dropped his new Nike SB shoe today, and his companion video for the release has the straightforward title ‘Don’t Make Plans.’ This mission statement matches Wair perfectly. We’ve had the pleasure of filming him for numerous projects and it was always evident that he is one of the most spontaneous skaters we’d ever seen. Even the way he approached his 2014 Run & Gun was unique: Most people plan their line in the 24-hour contest and stick to it; Wair was flexible, altering just about every trick as he went with the flow. His adaptability may be the secret to his success—oh, and he’s really fucking good at everything (street, transition, you name it), too.

Be sure to visit The Canteen to buy Wair’s pro shoe and shop our selection of Nike SB, and check out some of our past projects with the brand’s team below:

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