Nike SB Japan’s Toyosu Park Derby Video Is a Chaotic Good Time

Last month, Nike SB Japan’s team took part in a ridiculously fun “roller” derby at the recently opened Tokyo Sport Playground Plaza. Team riders Taihou Tokura, Keyaki Ike, Ryuhei Kitazume, Daisuke Ikeda, Ryo Motohashi, Toru Yoshida, and many more, all showed up for the Chaos Fishing Club event—big fun and bigspin flips were had by all. This triangular park (Triangle park?) looks extremely fun; check it out if you get the opportunity:

6 Chome-4-1 Toyosu

Koto City Tokyo 135-0061

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The Berrics has been working with Nike SB since the beginning. Check out some of our past projects with the brand, below:

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