NIKE SB — Women’s Bruin High

NIKE SB -- Women’s Bruin High

As women’s skateboarding progresses, shouldn’t their footwear technology too? Nike SB addresses this specific need with the introduction of the Women’s Bruin High.

“I used to look up how to modify my shoes online so I could make them fit better,” says Lacey Baker, Nike SB pro skateboarder. “I would put frozen plastic bags inside my shoes or spray them with water to stretch them out and make them feel like they were better molded to my feet.”

NIKE SB -- Women’s Bruin High

Baker’s insight is echoed in similar anecdotes — about modifying men’s skate shoes to improve fit — from female Nike SB athletes including Leticia Bufoni, Sarah Meurle, and Josie Millard, as well as multiple female skate crews surveyed by Nike. Some of these adjustments are admittedly ritualistic, potentially helping to boost an athlete’s confidence, and involve tape, microwaving, and other similar actions. Yet they point to a very real need: a skateboarding shoe built for a woman’s foot that doesn’t compromise performance or require modification. This led to the development of the first Nike skate shoe designed for women: the Women’s Nike SB Bruin High.

Click here for more details on the technology behind the shoe. The Women’s Bruin SB High will be available October 5 on the Nike app, and at select retailers.

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