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Cairo (aka Roger) Foster is one of the smoothest skaters alive, who has one of the best heelflips in the game. In his Nine Club interview that was aired yesterday, Chris Roberts and co. ask the smooth operator about living in Cairo, Egypt; taking the Greyhound from Florida to California; getting sponsored by Supernaut Skateboards; leaving Real to start Popwar; filming for the Transworld video The Reason; getting on Lakai, and filming for Fully Flared; skating for enjoi; working with adidas Skateboarding, and managing the brand’s social media. 

The man obviously has an extensive history in skateboarding, and he’s still going strong—peep his enjoi Oververt part below (sans music, just pure skate sounds), produced and filmed by The Nine Club’s Roger Bagley. Then check out his enjoi United Nations, which was filmed at the original Berrics park in 2008. 

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