The Nine Club Catches Up With David Gravette In Latest ‘Stop And Chat’

David Gravette takes an unorthodox approach in everything he does, and his two-hour ‘Stop And Chat’ interview with The Nine Club is no exception—he pretty much takes control of the interview from the beginning (manualing verbally from one end of the chat skatepark to the other, hitting every discursive obstacle along the way… then flipping out). In this follow-up to his June 2019 in-studio visit, the Creature fiend bounces back and forth across topics like fly fishing from his kayak; his ongoing hip problem; his pet ducks, and whether having ducks as pets is all it’s quacked up to be; his backside 5-0 down El Toro; and going to the hospital to get his shoulder popped back in. You name it, he talks about it. Watch the interview, which includes a lengthy breakdown of his clips towards the end, above!

Gravette was featured in our most recent Battle Scars, and he skated in our 2015 edition of “In Transition,” filmed entirely at Windell’s in Sandy, Oregon. Watch both of these edits, along with his behind-the-scenes video, Creature’s United Nations, and his “Halloweekend Massacre” edit (also from 2015), below:

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