‘The Nine Club’ Catches Up With Free Dome’s Geoff Rowley

The Nine Club, a weekly podcast hosted by Chris Roberts, has become a trusted source for long-form interviews in the past three years. But as a result of social-distancing safety measures, the show hasn’t produced a new studio (kitchen) episode for quite some time. Rather, Roberts has been video-conferencing with past guests for a segment he’s calling ‘Stop And Chat,’ catching up on all their recent projects and trying to bring a little of that patented Nine Club levity when we all need it most.

The most recent interviewee is Free Dome’s Geoff Rowley, who was originally interviewed in a marathon two hour and 49 minute edit last April. In ‘Stop And Chat,’ Rowley discussed Clive Dixon noseblunting Staples Hubba, and what he thinks of the statue Vans made for him there; Free Dome; what his board setup is; some of his worst slams; the process of making knives for his company Civilware; his Vans career; and his upcoming Free Dome part. Watch the episode, and bathe in the glory of his Scouse accent for two hours and 28 minutes, above!

Rowley, a Battle Commander, has worked on a bunch of amazing projects with The Berrics over the years. Watch a handful of them, below:

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