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The Nine Club Catches Up With Jamie Thomas In Latest ‘Stop And Chat’

Jamie Thomas visited The Nine Club (virtually) for the latest episode of ‘Stop And Chat,’ following up on his exhaustive October 2017 in-studio episode. In this two-hour-plus interview, he talks about Chris Cole returning to the Zero army; skating with his kids; filming for his past video parts; the upcoming Zero Am video; the REAL story behind the Leap Of Faith; his secret to doing frontside crooked grinds and feebles; why he put the famous “One more try” clip in Misled Youth; and his thoughts on possibly maybe perhaps releasing another full part.

Thomas has worked on numerous projects with The Berrics over the years, and filmed an epic Battle Commander at our current location in 2013, setting the tone for every BC to come. Check out some of his extensive catalog with us, below:

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