‘The Nine Club’ Catch Up With Neen Williams In ‘Stop And Chat’

Chris Roberts and crew paid a virtual visit to Neen Williams in The Nine Club‘s latest ‘Stop And Chat,’ following up on his interview from September 2017. A lot has changed since then, with Williams becoming a visible booster for overall wellness—and over-head heelflips—nabbing sponsorships and appearances with brands like Lululemon and Whole Foods. In the chat they talk about working out; filming for the upcoming Deathwish video; skating with Jamie Foy; his spicy spice company, NADC; how he achieves those Rockettes-worthy heelflips; his tips for healthy eating; and how he gets his sponsorship deals. Watch the two-hour interview above!

Williams has been working with The Berrics since his 2011 shared Bangin with Jim Greco. In the past nine years, he has filmed dozens of projects; watch a handful of them below:

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