In 2015, Brendan Babenzien left his role as Supreme’s design director to relaunch his brand NOAH as the upscale answer to Supreme for skaters that have grown up. He was quoted in the New York Times the following year as saying, “At the beginning, the guys that hung around the shop and skated more or less for Supreme, they pushed skateboarding culture forward. That culture has now reached an apex.” In the three years of its latest incarnation, NOAH has definitely thrived.

But Babenzien has had a change of heart when it comes to including skateboarding in what he’s doing with NOAH. He released a statement today saying, “When I started this business I had a natural inclination to try to leave skateboarding behind me. It was my adult brain telling me I had to leave skating out of the NOAH conversation, but it was unnatural to walk away from it and the fun it had brought me.”

With that, NOAH dropped a series of shaped boards that have already sold out on its website. And it released a clip featuring Chris “Mango” Milic and others shredding transition on the decks. We should all collectively be watching to see where NOAH goes with its foray into skateboarding in the future considering it was nurtured under the industry giant that Supreme has become. And this certainly further emphasizes how key skateboarding’s role is in fashion’s current landscape.

Check Noah’s inaugural skate clip above.

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