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Nora Vasconcellos Interviews Alexis Sablone About Their New Krux Collab

WBATB‘s Alexis Sablone designed Nora Vasconcellos‘s latest truck release for Krux, and rather just letting it drop without any context the pair opted to make a day of it. Vasconcellos visited Sablone at her Brooklyn, New York, to talk about the origin of her new ‘Nora By Alexis’ trucks (like a mystery novelist, Sablone started at the end and then worked her way backwards), art, and growing up skateboarding. In Krux’s video, they even cruise around the hood (on each other’s boards). The Nora by Alexis collection is available in shops all over the world now.

Watch the video above, shop the new Krux products here, and check out some of Vasconcellos and Sablone’s past work with The Berrics, below:

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