Nora Vasconcellos Keeps It Natural In Hume Commercial


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Nora Vasconcellos, aka “the Lavender One,” wants to get the word out about the benefits of using natural products. More importantly, deodorant. Traditional deodorants typically contain all kinds of gnarly shit that get absorbed by your bloodstream—chemicals and whatnot (we’re no scientists); your body’s many lymph nodes get the worst of it. We’ve all been kinda brainwashed to automatically reach for products that promise to make you smell better, even though the eventual physical toll is pretty hard to calculate. To add insult to injury, mainstream companies also talk you into using their “clinical strength” formulas to ensure that your tolerance level never gets a break—once you’re on the Big Deodorant carousel it’s hard to get off.

Using a deodorant isn’t just about having a pleasant odor, though—it’s also about letting your body do its thing (sweat) which is especially important for skaters. (Don’t even get us started on “antiperspirant”!) Vasconcellos’s deodorant sponsor Hume is taking big strides to promote natural hygiene habits for skaters by making plant, mineral, and probiotic-based deodorants with nothing but the cleanest ingredients. Vasconcellos takes her deodorant seriously—well, not too seriously: check out her recent self-produced commercial (edited by Joe Pease) for the brand, above. And think twice about what you’re rubbing on your body!

Watch some of Vasconcellos’s past work with The Berrics, below:

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