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NOW PLAYING — Richard Houghten – Saving a Life

Russell Houghten is one of the most talented filmmakers in skateboarding. His winning REDirect submission, Urban Isolation, even got picked up by Good Morning America. How many other skate filmers can say that? But then again, Russell isn’t just a skate filmer. And as you’d expect, his new music video he directed for his brother (who did the music for Urban Isolation), has all the signature elements that make his skate videos so rad. Watch it and you’ll agree. “My brother Richard Houghten and I have been collaborating on video projects for as long as I’ve been making videos. He is the most diverse and talented musician I know and has made the music in all of my favorite projects. I was excited to make this video for his song ‘Saving a Life’ off of his new album Sonata de Grillo. It was the first time we were able to collaborate on a project from start to finish and we had a blast making it.” Buy Richard’s new album here.

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