Watch Nyjah Huston Backside 5-0 This 34-Stair Handrail

Team U.S.A.’s Nyjah Huston is the master of skating unbelievable, pipe-dream rails, but on March 11, 2017, he backside 5-0’d down a doozy. SLS rereleased the footage from this “face melter” segment, hosted by simpatico rail rider Geoff Rowley, yesterday. Huston melts your face, lets it cool down a little bit, then he melts it again leaving a nice ooey-gooey so soft and chewy cheese skirt around the perimeter of your cabeza. (Actual headcheese.) Watch the video, above!

Speaking of Team U.S.A.: Today’s the deadline for National Championships submissions! U.S.A. Skateboarding‘s Josh Friedberg sat down for a recent video explaining the process. Here are the Cliff’s notes:

Video submissions will be 45-second runs for both Park and Street at the athletes’ preferred skatepark, with in-person Finals events following Olympic event formats. The top-12 ranked Americans will be pre-qualified into the quarterfinals; points awarded to the finalists will count towards World Skateboarding Rankings and Olympic qualifying. Men’s and Women’s Skateboard Park and Street events will make their Olympic debuts at the Tokyo 2020 Games this summer in Japan!

(Skateboarders currently have the opportunity to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics based on their two best results in World Skate sanctioned events during the 2019 qualifying season—ended September 30, 2019—combined with their four best results during the 2020 – 2021 qualifying season ending June 30.) All it takes is an unedited :45 second video, in Men’s or Women’s, Street or Park, and you could be on your way to skate in the Finals live at The Berrics (Street discipline) on May 6 & 7, or the CA|TF (Park discipline) on May 8 & 9. Full entry details—so, what are you waiting for? Get out there, submit your run, and be a part of skate history!

Huston has been working with The Berrics for years (we remember when he cut his dreads like it was yesterday), with a tally of over 100 video projects on the site. He’s easily the most consistently prolific pro—check out a small representation of his deep Berrics history below:

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