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WORDS: Stu Gomez

Last week, Nyjah stunned the world with his new part, "’Til Death" (as if you didn’t know). The blockbuster 11-minute part, now at over 1.6MM views on YouTube, is the product of his phenomenal productivity. Nyjah’s work with The Berrics is no different: he filmed an astonishing 11 Bangins, among other videos, during a six-year period. During these years, he progressed from the dreaded Nyjah to “The Dreaded Nyjah” (that’s right, he chopped his dreads but got even stronger).

This week’s "30 Minutes in Nyjah’s Shoes" is an excellent example of his unmatched consistency. This is a quality that Nyjah has possessed ever since his early years; his reputation for progression was honed later. Threading throughout his footage, photo coverage, and contest history, is his thirst for bigger and longer rails. That adrenaline fix is hard to harness if you aren’t consistent. Nyjah cultivated a lifetime of practiced perfection—now he’s thrilling everyone with the rush of NBDs.

You can almost track Nyjah’s progression over the years by watching his previous 11 Bangins (and his 2011 Battle Commander, above) in order. Start at the beginning and then cap it off with a repeat viewing of "’Til Death." It’s like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

May 2011 at Street League Seattle

June 2011 at Street League Kansas City

At Street League

In November 2011

Bye-bye, dreaded Nyjah. Hello, Dreaded Nyjah: At Street League New Jersey in August 2012

December 2012

In May 2013

June 2014

February 2015

At Element Skatecamp in July 2015

October 2016

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