Nyjah Huston New York Times Style

Photo courtesy: Nathanael Turner for The New York Times

The Grey Lady has been killing it on skate coverage for years. Whether it’s got its sights set on local crews like Brujas or homegrown websites like Quartersnacks, the New York Times seal of approval in the Style or New York sections is a sure sign that you’ve arrived.

But Nyjah "Iron Boi" Huston doesn’t need anyone’s approval—he’d arrived well over a decade ago. Nevertheless, Nyjah got the nod with The Times’ "List of Five" column in Style last Wednesday. Here, he reveals his handful of must-haves—including an incredible leather jacket that cements Nyjah’s rep as a “wild one”—and even clues us in on his pro ball allegiances (as if we didn’t already know).

Nyjah does draw the line when it comes to one-piece gear: “You’re not going to see me in a pink or purple jumpsuit like some of my friends would wear.” Never say never, Nyjah.

Read Bee Shapiro’s "List of Five" column here.

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