Nyjah Huston Weighs In On Olympics Postponement In Personal Essay

Team U.S.A.‘s Nyjah Huston has worked (and played) incredibly hard to secure his spot at the Olympics, so last month’s news that the Games’ postponement until 2021 must have felt like a punch to the gut. Of course, ‘Jah has a constantly revolving roster of other projects that he’s working on, so he can easily distract himself. But, still, he understands that with the lockdowns enforced in many countries, skateboarders are collectively feeling some intense anxiety over what the future may hold. To soothe us all, he’s turned to the pen with an essay for The Player’s Tribune titled ‘To The Skateboarding Community.’

Yahoo Sports shared Huston’s words of encouragement, which include shout outs to Street League Skateboarding’s Rob Dyrdek and the importance of being patient in these super weird times, and it’s kind of exactly what we all need to read right now.

“The world is calling on all of us to change our way of life for the common good, so we’ve just got to do that right now. Simple as that.”

In the piece, Huston opens up about his first encounter with skateboarding, his first major contest, the roles that his parents played in his career (and their eventual divorce), and why he’s down to wait for the Olympics—no matter how long it takes. This is required reading if you’re struggling to comprehend how COVID-19 is rocking life as we know it, and especially if you need a little encouragement when following the recommended social distancing guidelines. ‘Jah gets it. Read the whole essay here.

Huston has worked on over 100 projects with us—watch a small sample of them below.

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