Nyjah Huston Rocks Gucci In ‘Flaunt’ Video

Nyjah Huston appreciates the finer things, and he savors every opportunity to show his fans that he’s living the good life. He positively exudes success in a recent profile in Flaunt magazine, with photo after photo of Gucci drip (‘Jah’s got so much Gucci, his closets have closets) paired with some relevant details about his history as the skate prodigy of a generation. This article show that Huston—shot beautifully by Alex McDonnell—not only worked extremely hard to get where he is, but the 26-year-old is 100% enjoying himself too. The message? This could be you, kids.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself”

But it isn’t all about fashion (what, this old thing?). The Flaunt article, by Brent L. Smith, covers some skate-specific topics for the luxury looky-loos. Sure, there are some confusing bits of poetic license. (At one point, Smith says that “While others have been grinding on the moon, [Nyjah's] been on Mars.”) And, there is the requisite origin story “it started when Californians started sidewalk surfing in the 1950s on makeshift skateboards when the surf was flat, and they never stopped” sentence, but Huston also shares some details that actual skateboarders could appreciate:

“What’s magical to me are the moments when we’ve tried tricks for hours and then just randomly landed out of nowhere. A lot of the time, it’s very unexpected. You won’t expect to land it, and then all of a sudden, next thing you know, you’re just rolling away. You’re like, ‘Damn, I’ll probably never do that trick again.’ Those are some of the best moments in skating, the shock of landing some crazy trick. So yeah, it definitely feels like magic sometimes.”

Read the full article at the Flaunt site.

We’ve worked with Huston ever since he was just a little ‘Jah. Check out some of our extensive projects with him, over the years, below:

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